20 of the Coolest Basement Ideas

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By Zeina Badawi, In-Home Designer

Basements are ideal for casual social activities for the whole family, or just for the kids. It’s the perfect spot for the big screen TV, pool table, and to stash board games and craft supplies.

Ceiling height, humidity and lighting are important things to consider before you finish your basement and begin tackling these projects.

Here are 20 cool basement ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Which one would you like to incorporate into your home?

1. Create a Den

2. A Giant Playhouse

3. The Bar of your Dreams

4. Home Theatre

5. Wine Cellar

6. Ping Pong

7. Quiet TV Area

8. Kids Living Space

9. Band Practice/Music Room

10. Kitchenette

11. Art Studio

12. Workout Anytime

13. The Pool of your Dreams!

14. Sports Museum

15. Private Library

16. Add Storage

17. Play Hockey Anytime

18. Your own Home Office

More design tips

Choose comfortable furnishings that can be easily rearranged. Incorporate sound systems, internet connections, and good lighting to make the space functional. Whether you’re installing a games room, a bar or a home office make sure to measure your space and plan plan plan!

Ready to design your perfect basement?

How long you intend to keep your furniture and how you’ll use it will help you determine what kind of investment you are willing to make. If you’ve decided you’d like to purchase well-made custom furniture that will last you a lifetime, we can help! 

La-Z-Boy has over 90 years of experience in crafting and manufacturing furniture. As the creator of major motion upholstery, our furniture frames and cushions are designed for lasting durability and exceptional comfort. So go ahead, sit, jump, lay, pile—we’ve got you covered.

We offer a large selection of furniture styles for your basement, both stationary and reclining furniture are among our most popular.  

We are happy to help you navigate all the options and tailor a basement re-design that is just right for you and your family. Visit us at any one of our locations:


La-Z-Boy Locations in Ottawa & Kingston

Imagine how exceptional a newly designed basement could be if you collaborate with an expert in design! We offer a free design service to help you achieve your vision. Our in-home designers have the expertise to guide you through the process and help you create that space you’ve always wanted.

Before & After, La-Z-Boy Basement Makeover

“The basement was our first experience with La-z-Boy design services, and the room quickly became our family’s favourite room in our house.” 

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