La-Z-Boy Power Recliner Review: Lumbar and Headrest

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What could be easier than putting your feet up? How about doing it at the touch of a button with complete lumbar and neck support?

This review of the La-Z-Boy Power Rocking Recliner with Headrest and Lumbar will cover:

       • What the recliner is and isn’t
       • Pricing
       • Features and benefits
       • Upgrade options
       • Customer reviews

Cliff Norman is a La-Z-Boy design consultant at our Cyrville, Ottawa location. During his 13 years, he has helped fit hundreds of customers to their perfect recliner. 

He explains witnessing customer’s expression transform in amazement when sitting in this power recliner. When you can adjust the lumbar support and headrest tilt independently to fit your body, you can experience a complete custom fit!

La-Z-Boy invented the reclining chair back in 1927.  You can rest easy knowing your power recliner possesses 90 years of innovative design experience. Enjoy top of the line power features and a new easy to use toggle control panel.

What is the Power Rocking Recliner with Headrest and Lumbar

Traditional power recliners use a motor, or series of motors, to adjust and recline the chair into a comfortable position. It provides comfort and convenience simultaneously.

This power recliner is perfect for those looking to rock and recline plus have adjustable body and lumbar support at all times. The independent support for your head, neck and lower back provide you an unlimited number of relaxing positions. It lets you maintain perfect viewing angles for activities such as reading, conversation, or enjoying TV.

The chaise seat and leg rest cradle your body in a continuous zone of comfort. The toggle control panel allows you to adjust the back, leg rest, headrest and lumbar.  Therefore an unlimited number of relaxing positions can be reached. When you’re not reclining, it’s a relaxing rocker with a smooth, graceful motion. 

It may be apparent, but power recliners need an electric power source to operate. At La-Z-Boy, power recliners are plugged into a nearby wall socket.  Alternatively, they can be powered with a rechargeable battery concealed under the chair.

There are over 20 different styles of La-Z-Boy power rocker recliners to choose from that come with lumbar and neck support. Plenty of various styles to fit different body types and complement any room.

Three out of the 5 best selling power recliners in Ottawa & Kingston (Forum, Pinnacle & the James) come in this style.

What It Is Not

Buying furniture is a significant investment. You will want to make sure you make the right choice for your specific needs.  

There are a lot of recliner options available, including those with manual reclining methods. They can be a better fit for those wanting to place a recliner in the middle of a room as electric recliners need to be plugged-in.

Power recliners also typically have a higher price point than manual recliners because they cost more to produce.  

To learn more about the differences between manual and power recliners, check out this article.   

Should power-tilt lumbar and headrest support not meet your priorities, there are more power recliner options. They include:

1. Rocker Reclining 
       • Control panel to recline and raise your feet independently for a wide range of           relaxing positions

2. Wall Reclining (can also come with headrest and lumbar)
       • Track and wheel assembly that allows chair to slide smoothly away from wall           into full bed-level position
       • Only needs 3-5 inches of clearance from wall

3. Power Lift
       • For those that need mobility assistance, it puts the power to sit, stand and                 recline at your fingertips

How much does it cost

Power recliners will cost several hundred dollars more than traditional manual recliners. This is primarily due to the motor and mechanisms included in the construction.  

Each rocking recliner style with headrest and lumbar is priced independently.  They range from $2,000 to $3000 and upwards depending on included options.

Your choice of fabric or leather upholstery is a crucial decision and can significantly affect the price or your recliner.  With over 900 hundred cover options, you can custom-create a look that’s uniquely yours.

Features & Benefits

With style, you’d never expect and features you can’t live without, La-Z-Boy recliners are more than just a place to put up your feet.

Standard power recliner features:

• Patented four-sided unibody frame construction made of kiln-dried hardwoods.  It provides greater durability and stability and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  Unibody also features solid side panels.

• The dual-motor drive and patented reclining mechanism allows independent leg rest and back movement

• Allows for zero gravity positioning. The recliner chair reclines back usually to around 170 degrees and elevates your knees in line with your chest. This position alleviates the force gravity exerts on your body and is a powerful means of pressure or pain relief

• Speed from upright to fully reclined position in 6 seconds

• Spring-tension leg rest safety release

• Battery backup in case of power outages

• Standard 3 year warranty on electrical components

Features unique to Power Rocking Recliner with Headrest and Lumbar:

1. Adjustable headrest is independently powered to maintain a line of sight for more personalized comfort. There are an infinite number of angles between 0 and 55 degrees

2. Headrest safety return is a spring action that returns the headrest to the upright position safeguarding against pinching

3. Lower lumbar offers a wide range of extra lower back support for optimum comfort. It pushes forward up to 3.5 inches.

4. Anchored and pivoting lumbar support is a unique patented scissor-type mechanism. It provides superior lumbar support in any seating position and also flexes to respond to unique positioning and posture

5. NEW Power toggle control is a right side sitting panel. It contains all power adjustments with easy to use toggles. This new control panel comes with a home button, two memory settings, and a USB charging port. 

6. Frame engineered with a deeper than average back and body to house the headrest and lumbar mechanisms.

7. 36-pound seat core is used to keep lumbar in place (more support at rear instead of “sinking” in).

With these features, the added headrest and lumbar support provide a relaxing experience unlike any other.

NEW Toggle Control Panel

Introducing our new sophisticated control panel. This will now come standard on all rocking recliners and wall recliners with power headrest and lumbar. Previously there was a tethered hand wand control. It will remain available for a limited time, but only as an orderable option on these styles.

Features include:

       • Two programmable memory positions
       • USB Charging Port
       • Home button returns the back to its fully upright position and the leg rest,                   headrest and lumbar to the fully retracted and closed position

Upgrade Options

Recliner options are easy add-ons for minimal up-charges and a great way to make sure you are getting one that is precisely right for you.

1. Left Hand Side Control Panel ($70)if you are a “lefty” or have impaired strength in your right arm this is available for $70

2. Remote Control Panel ($150) – allows you to control the recliner from anywhere in the room and comes with additional “find me” and do not disturb features

3. Battery Power Packs – this lithium-ion battery pack provides about five days of cordless operation when fully charged

4. Airform Seating – available on the seat, chaise and leg rest, it combines a two-inch layer of premium quality memory foam over a high-resiliency foam base for the perfect balance of personalized comfort and targeted support

5. Tall Baseadds 1.5 inches to the seat height and overall height of recliner

Customer Reviews

Here is what customers are sharing after purchasing the La-Z-Boy Power Lumbar and Headrest Recliner.  

Next Steps

The power recliner is about your lifestyle.  A desired escape for the way you work. Beneficial relief for the way you play.  And a fitting reward for the way you rest. It comes down to one simple question, what do you want from your recliner?

It is hard to find a recliner with all the right moves.  But the ability of the Power Rocking Recliner with Headrest and Lumbar to provide you custom comfort is hard to beat. Norman, in the customer reviews, said it best “the only problem is I am reluctant to leave.”

If the features highlighted meet your needs, then take a closer look at our selection of styles at any of our La-Z-Boy locations in Ottawa and Kingston area. The challenge will be when you find the perfect recliner style, will you be able to leave?

We also provide a complimentary in-home design service if you need help designing a room worthy of your new power recliner. 

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