The Margaret Power Lift Recliner: In-Depth Review

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La-z-Boy Margaret Lift Chair: An In-Depth Review for 2020

Are you looking to find out more about  La-Z-Boy’s newest addition, the Margaret power lift recliner? You may be wondering what the Margaret’s features and benefits are, as well as whether it is the right fit for you. 

As inventors of the reclining chair back in 1927, you can rest easy knowing your lift recliner possesses 90 years of innovative design experience. They provide the smoothest, most secure motion and offer unmatched comfort in every position at the touch of a button.

Wendy Tomlinson has been the manager at both our Gloucester and Nepean store locations. She has recently taken on a new role as our ‘CFL manager’ where she works to support all store managers and helps provide the best possible client experience. 

During her ten years with La-Z-Boy, she and her sales consultants have helped fit hundreds of customers to their perfect recliner. 

Wendy says the Margaret power lift recliner is the smallest of our family of lift chairs and has simple features. She says it’s her “go-to lift chair for petite-sized clients.”

Power lift recliners are a comfortable and practical answer for people as they age or to anyone that requires assistance getting in and out of a chair. In this review, find out why the Margaret made our list of top five best selling lift chairs in Ottawa and Kingston


1.Unique Features

La-Z-Boy’s newest lift chair addition, the Margaret Bronze Power lift chair, is a petite scale model recliner. The Margaret designed for smaller users has a shorter seat height and a one-piece chaise seat for continuous comfort. 

Press a button on the wired remote to get in or out, or fully recline. The heavy-duty tubular steel base gives Margaret a strong, stable foundation. And, it’s casual style blends with your existing pieces. The bucket-style seat and back move together, eliminating gaps and providing full-body support in any reclined position.

This chair can be placed just 2 inches from a wall, so it fits beautifully in small spaces. Make it yours with your choice of fabrics and available upgrades.   

Other features of the Margaret power lift chair

  • Chaise leg rest (no gaps in the leg rest)
  • Fibre-filled back
  • Cushioned arms   
  • Convenient side pocket
  • 300-lb. weight capacity
  •  UL/ETL Listed
  • Non-skid adjustable glides for use on area rugs, deep carpet or hard floors
  • Legrest autostop safety feature
  • Battery backup safety feature (requires 2 9V batteries)
  • Customizable with your choice of fabrics and cushions  
  • Plugs into an AC outlet 

2. Dimensions of the Margaret power lift recliner

The Margaret is 29 inches from outside arm to outside arm and will fit better in smaller spaces than most other lift recliners. It has a tall enough back (41 inches) and a short seat to provide excellent support for someone under 5.4.   

Seat Width: 18

Body Width: 29

Body Height: 41

Seat Height: 19.5

Body Depth: 39.0

Seat Depth: 19.5

3. Options and Upgrades

Take some time to investigate your options so that your new lift chair doesn’t just suit your home; it suits your way of living. The Margaret power lift recliner has various customization options available. Wendy says the Margaret looks like a regular chair, and it mixes well with other furniture in your living room.

Upholstery / Cover Options

Your choice of fabric upholstery is a pivotal decision when selecting a recliner for your home. The Margaret has several hundred cover options so you can custom-create a look that’s uniquely yours. Choose from a wide variety of colours, patterns and textures. Life can be hard on furniture, so our fabrics are wear-tested for quality and durability, ensuring they stay beautiful for years to come.

Leather is not available in any lift chair as it could pose a danger when lifting you out of the chair.

Perfect for life’s little mishaps, our stain-resistant iClean™ fabrics repel spills before they turn into stains.  These fabrics have a luxurious feel and are available in dozens of colours and patterns for the Margaret power lift chair.

The Margaret also has a subset of covers available in “conserve” fabric. Soft, durable, and sustainable “conserve” fabric is made out of recycled water bottles. We use as many as 50 recycled water bottles to create a recliner with this eco-friendly material. They come in a wide range of colours and patterns to complement your room.

Seat Cushions

High-quality polyurethane foam gives recliner cushions increased softness and support while providing exceptional durability.

Upgrade to Airform™ responsive cushioning for comfort that contours to your body and reduces pressure to sensitive areas like your hips and back. This upgrade is a good option if you enjoy a firm seat.

4. Determining the right fit

This chair works extremely well for someone who’s older or who has mobility issues.

Wendy says the “Margaret works well for a petite stature because of its short seat. It looks like a regular chair (in a seated position) in your living room and mixes in well with other non-reclining furniture. A larger lift chair would stand out more.”

The Margaret lift recliner has simple features, one button for up and down and simple to use. If you’re looking for more elements like heat and massage, you may prefer another lift chair like the Pinnacle.

There is no tall back for those of taller stature. If you are over 5.4 or If you like to sleep in your lift chair, this is not the one for you. Although there’s nothing stopping you from taking a cat nap!

Learn more about our entire line up of lift recliners.

5. How much does the Margaret Lift Recliner cost?

The price of the Margaret power recliner comes in at the low-mid range of lift chairs now available in the market. Although this is our least expensive lift chair, the quality of materials used and customization options are the main reasons for the higher price.   

The starting price for a custom Margaret lift chair starts at $1569. From there, the cost increases depending on different fabric chosen, and other options selected.

Did you know that you save the tax when you have a doctor’s note in Ontario? Lift chairs are zero-rated for tax purposes when you have a requisition from your doctor. You will also save the taxes on delivery and warranty charges related to the lift chair!  This can add up to hundreds of dollars in savings.

To purchase one of our in-stock models, check out our online store

6. Customer Reviews

The Margaret lift recliner currently has a 4.9-star rating in North America. Find out what customers are saying in the following reviews.

Star - ReviewThe lift chair is great! My husband now can get up without my help. The Margret is a smaller size so fits him perfectly and doesn’t take up a lot of space.[sic]” Denise & Ernie M.

Star - Review“Solid chair. We got it for Mom and she loves it, napping in it often. When we tell her it’s time to get up and go to bed, she always protests that it’s too early and that she doesn’t want to get out of it.[sic]” Willaim G.

Star Review “Very nice for a petite individual. Power block is easily disconnected where the chair plugs into the power block.[sic]” David K.

More reviews

Next Steps

No chair, including La-Z-Boy’s power lift recliners, are one size fits all.  If you are shopping for someone else, it’s vital to have the person who will be sitting in the chair, try it out if at all possible.  You need to test the lift chair in both sitting and reclining positions to confirm that your heel does not hang over the footrest, and your ankles are supported.

The Margaret power lift recliner is relatively new and only just hit our floors in 2018. In that short time, it has certainly filled a niche for those smaller sized persons looking for a lift chair.  It’s the second most popular lift chair in Ottawa & Kingston next to the Pinnacle and the best selling lift chair in North America.

We know that these are challenging times for people to get out and shop for furniture. It is for this reason that we’ve set up a small online store with selected special in-stock items.  

7. Where to buy the Margaret

You can purchase the Margaret lift recliner in a cream colour here.*  If for whatever reason you don’t feel comfortable ordering online, please give us a call, and our receptionist will put the order through for you. 

We can still put your orders in for custom too.  It just might take a little longer for delivery. Shop the Margaret Lift Recliner

 Contact us for more information or to make an online appointment.

*TRY IN-HOME FOR 15 DAYS If an item isn’t the perfect match, return it for a refund within 15 days of delivery or pick-up in the original condition. See terms and conditions for more information.

 Download the La-Z-Boy Augmented Reality App to see what the Margaret lift recliner (in any cover option) would look like in your home. 

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