Stressless vs. La-Z-Boy Recliner: A Comparison in Quality, Comfort & Cost

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Are you looking for a comfortable reclining chair? Have you looked at Stressless and La-Z-Boy and not sure which one to choose?

When shopping for recliners, people often ask us, “what are the differences between Stressless and La-Z-boy recliners?” Buying furniture is a significant investment. If your goal is to make your next purchase a staple in your home, you’ll want to make sure you make the right choice.

There are a lot of recliner options available, but which one is right for you? In this article, we will compare two very popular brands, Stressless and La-Z-Boy. We’ll outline the cost, features and benefits of both so that you can understand the differences before you shop.

What is a Stressless Chair?

The Stressless chair designed by Ekorness and Manufactured in Norway is based on Norwegian styles with a simplistic, minimalist flair. Reclining chair and ottoman have an open feeling with a swivel base.

Stressless chairs come in several styles, and each has three different sizes: small, medium and large. The chair comes with a separate ottoman. Its lumbar support activates based on the manual movement of the headrest. It can lock into position. There are a couple of styles that offer an integrated leg rest in the medium and large sizes. It comes in many leather and fabric cover options that can be custom ordered.

Stressless vs. La-Z-Boy Recliner: A Comparison in Comfort

What is a La-Z-Boy Recliner?

La-Z-Boy Recliners are an iconic North American brand. There are hundreds of styles available, from the most traditional to quite contemporary. The recliners can be manual or power controlled. 

The manual chair reclines up and down and provides independent leg and back reclining. It uses a three-position footrest and ratchet system to recline back. The power chair can move you into multiple positions. Press a button to move the leg rest up and press another, so the headrest goes back. The look is customizable with over 900 fabric and leather options.

Stressless vs. La-Z-Boy Recliner: A Comparison in Comfort

Features a Stressless Recliner Offers

A more contemporary minimalist design with a separate chair and ottoman. They now offer some integrated footrests on some of their recliners.

  • Soft plush cushioning
  • Patented glide and systems provide manual reclining functions
  • Full 360 swivel
  • Adjustable headrest
  • 100’s of fabric & leather covers

Also available, ottomans, sofas, and stationary chairs

Features a La-Z-Boy Recliner Offers

La-Z-Boy offers recliners in traditional, transitional and contemporary design.

Hundreds of style options from the ‘typical’ La-Z-boy recliner to ‘recliners that don’t look like recliners.‘ Offers integrated footrest to save space.

  • Rocker recliner
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Glider
  • Wall away
  • Power, most include a USB port
  • Power lift chair
  • Head and lumbar support
  • Heat and massage
  • 900 fabric and leather covers

Also available, ottomans, sofas, stationary chairs, sectionals, and loveseats.

Design StyleLa-Z-Boy reclinerStressless chair


Manual MechanismsLa-Z-Boy reclinerStressless chair
Swivel 360
Glider(1x available)
Wall Away

Both Stressless & La-Z-Boy offer

  • Customizable high-quality furniture built to last.
  • Both provide ergonomic support and proper back support. Each of them offers different kinds of comfort that should be tested by the consumer.
  • Guaranty/warranty.
  • Both are investments, but you will pay a bit more for Stressless
  • Leather and fabric covers*

(*Leather requires more care and should be wiped down at least once a week. Leather vs. Fabric)




Stressless Compared to La-Z-Boy


The entry-level Stressless Chair and ottoman in the classic base start at approximately $2300. The cost will increase up to $7000 depending on the styles and options chosen.

The least expensive La-Z-Boy recliner starts at approximately $700. The cost will increase in price up to $5000 depending on options and fabric chosen for the chair. 


Service plans for the Stressless chair will depend on the dealer from where you purchase.

The manufacturer’s warranty covers ten years on the internal mechanism. There are five years of coverage on the base, two years on LegComfort Battery and a year on leather and fabric upholstery.

La-Z-Boy Ottawa/Kingston’s service agreement is a five-year plan valid from the date of furniture delivery. This service offer is for the duration of the contract without additional charges to the original purchaser.

The la-z-boy manufacturer’s warranty covers a lifetime warranty on mechanical, springs assembly and frame. It covers 3 years for electrical components. One year on regular fabric and leather.


Stressless chairs take about six weeks for specific colours; otherwise, it will take 14 weeks to ship from Norway.

La-Z-Boy recliners take a week or two for delivery if the chair you’re looking for is in stock. Otherwise, it will take eight weeks to ship from within North America.

For more information on furniture lead times check out how Covid-19 is affecting Furniture delivery.

Next Steps

As you now know, there are many reclining chair options, each with its pros and cons. Whether you decide on Stressless or La-Z-Boy, you now have the information needed to make an informed choice.

La-Z-Boy has over 90 years of experience in furniture. There’s a reason La-Z-Boy is the number one selling recliner in North America. The quality and variety of La-Z-Boy recliners will ensure you find the perfect match for your needs. If you’re still not sure which one to choose, you can check out our recliners or contact us today. We’re happy to answer your recliner pricing questions at any one of our La-Z-Boy locations in the Ottawa and Kingston area.

We know that functionality is essential in building a comfortable life, not just a stylish one. That is why we offer complimentary in-home design service should you need help designing the room of your dreams! OR, take this quick chair assessment to find out the perfect style for you!

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